The different services offered by Espinosa Golf Design for your golf project cover from the feasibility of the project and the planning of the Master Plan, the completion of the golf course design and the golf course project to the construction management throughout the whole golf course building process


  • The Master Plan integrates all areas involved in the urban configuration of the land to be transformed: hotel area, sports and leisure area, residential and the one dedicated to the golf complex: the clubhouse, the course and different practice areas.
  • Espinosa Golf Design makes an I nitial assessment of the land to identify, analyze and make a first valuation of the different possibilities of the land where is planned to develop the golf course.
  • It is very important to plan in a logical and global way the different uses and spaces of the field, studying the integration of all and each of the facilities and actions taken into the project. The golf course occupies a very large surface, affecting directly the entire urban development. Therefore, before beginning with the golf course design, you must first study the best location of the field in the property, considering all kind of parameters technical, functional and urban.


  • Once ended the Master Plan phase it begins the great challenge of the golf course design. For this, Espinosa Golf Design has designers with large experience in the golf industry. Ramón Espinosa is the actual Spanish designer with most experience. He has signed many designs internationally renowned.
  • The work starts with the execution of a pre-design of the course: location of the course and of the different training areas.
  • After the approval of the pre-design the work will go on completing, redefining and modifying the pre-design till reach the final design of the golf course. The design will contemplate every change come up throughout the project development. An accurate location of the tees, bunkers, final greens, differentiation between fairways and rough, lakes and every different training area will be indicated.
  • At our designs we look for a final course adapted to the parameters established together with the owner, urban architects, accomplishing the rules of the different official organizations and the security of the play. The ultimate goal is to achieve a design adapted to the needs of all parties involved and as many players as possible.


  • Once finished the golf course design, it begins the realization of the golf course project (Construction Documents). Espinosa Golf Design has the support of excellent professionals and technical entitled staff that has extensive experience in the production of construction projects.
  • In the golf course project it will be made all the calculations and bills of quantities required for the construction of the golf course. There will also be described the materials qualities and the construction methods, respecting the environment and considering the future viability of its construction and later maintenance.
  • In Espinosa Golf Design we produce projects highly adapted to reality. We perfectly define each item and work to be done, including units and corresponding costs. This way we try to avoid further construction problems and possible major changes of the final budget.


  • We consider of great importance the work to be performed by the Technical Construction Manager of the Golf Course. Its labor is to direct and verify that every work in execution is done following the guidelines set in the golf course project documents. An exhaustive monitoring of the budget and the works is made to have the control of the work final costs.
  • Espinosa Golf Design has an engineering team that both in office and directly on site have perfect control over the progress of the works, checking at all times its right implementation and assuring the performance of the qualities defined in the project documents as well as the schedule and deadlines planned.


  • We place at your disposal our experience and professional team for analysis and preliminary study of the current state of your golf course and propose the improvements that can be done to optimize the performance and the assessment of the course.
  • Espinosa Golf Design offers solutions and alternatives to the course and current design to allow you to improve your product in the most economical way. Many golf courses for its age or bad initial design need to do renovations and improvements that will improve significantly the condition and quality of the golf course and, consequently, the incomes and the profits.