Once ended the Master Plan phase it begins the great challenge of the golf course design. For this, Espinosa Golf Design has designers with large experience in the golf industry. Ramón Espinosa is the actual Spanish designer with most experience. He has signed many designs internationally renowned.

The work starts with the execution of a pre-design of the course: location of the course and of the different training areas.

After the approval of the pre-design the work will go on completing, redefining and modifying the pre-design till reach the final design of the golf course. The design will contemplate every change come up throughout the project development. An accurate location of the tees, bunkers, final greens, differentiation between fairways and rough, lakes and every different training area will be indicated.

At our designs we look for a final course adapted to the parameters established together with the owner, urban architects, accomplishing the rules of the different official organizations and the security of the play. The ultimate goal is to achieve a design adapted to the needs of all parties involved and as many players as possible.